Animal Snak Bar (12.Bars)


FLAVOR: Frosted Oatmeal Raisin

High Protein Food Bar with 27g of Protein per Bar
Made with Peanuts, Honey, Brown Rice and Oats


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Product Overview

Animal Snak. High Protein Whole Food Bar.

Awesome flavors
Up to 27g quality protein per bar
No artificial flavors or sweeteners
No sugar alcohols or added sugars
Required For:
  • Athletes looking for balanced macros from whole food ingredients.
  • Individuals who want extra protein and a great, wholesome taste.

We know that balanced meals consist of high quality protein, slow-releasing complex carbs and good fats. With Animal Snak, you get whole food ingredients like rolled oats and peanut butter, with a whole lot of protein from milk.

Daily Dose:

Take a bar with you and eat whenever you need quality, nutrient-dense calories from real food ingredients.


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